Friday, May 25, 2012

Tool 1: Making my blog

Making my blog was just fine.  Quinton is very patient, helpful, and knows what he's doing.  Making my voki was frustrating because I couldn't get her look right and I could have spent hours making her, and I certainly don't need to use all of that time.

I don't know what exactly the 11 Tools are, but I'm looking forward to learning and doing more.


  1. I agree, Quinton is very patient, wish I could be that patient. I like your voki, but I agree, you could spend days "fine tuning" the voki. Good luck with your future blogging.

  2. Summer is almost half over...better get busy on the 11 tools and blogging!!

  3. Anne,
    the Aug 15th deadline is fast approaching...don't forget to go into Atomic Learning and do the assessment when you finish. Print out your certificate and also save it as a digital copy.